Head of SARAS attended a working meeting organized by EWG

Head of SARAS attended a working meeting organized by EWG established by IFIAR. The meeting aimed to present enforcement survey report and to discuss an action plan

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Representatives of SARAS attended the meetings held in Estonia within the frames of Good Governance Fund project

Representatives of SARAS attended the presentations and meetings held within the frames of the UK’s Good Governance Fund project - “Improvement of Accounting and Reporting for Fourth Category Entities” in Estonia

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Training for IFRS for SMEs’s English-speaking trainers

Within the frames of adoption program of IFRS for SMEs for second and third size category entities, training of English-speaking trainers of IFRS for SMEs was held on October 8-12, 2018. The international consultant of accountancy education and training hosted the training

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Delegations from Kyrgyzstan and Belarus visited Georgia to obtain information about the current accounting reform

The World Bank organized working meetings in the offices of the Ministry of Finance of Georgia and the World Bank. The meetings aimed to share the experience of Georgia regarding the current auditing and reporting reform with the guest countries

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GFPAA published the guidance `Focusing on Performance` on the official webpage

The document `Focusing on Performance` was developed for professional accountancy organizations (PAOs) by IFAC and it focuses on PAOs’ institutional development

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Amendment was made to the decree

On September 28, 2018, amendment was made to the decree N-17 (October 28, 2016) issued by the SARAS - ‘the rule of forming web-page and register, its structure, form, information indication and identification procedures’. Please refer to the following link