European Union programme Black Sea Basin Cross-Border Cooperation (CBC) is moving into a new phase

CBC programme has been implemented since 2007, which enables various beneficiaries from Georgia to participate in regional projects. The programme’s objective is to promote regional cooperation between the Black Sea Basin countries in areas such as sustainable development of tourism, culture, modernisation of agriculture, etc. Among other objectives, the project serves to implement environmental protection monitoring with the participation of the Black Sea Basin countries. For detailed information please visit the link.

Within the programme, starting from 2023, contests will be announced for beneficiary organisations. This will allow municipalities, civil societies, and other non-profit organisations to submit applications for receiving funding.

On the part of Georgia, SARAS is participating in the programme alongside the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia. SARAS is involved in the review process of certain aspects of the programme and the administration of electronic systems. Further, it should be noted that, for verification of expenditures incurred within the programme, beneficiaries use the services provided by audit firms of certain categories listed in the registry of SARAS.

At this stage, within the programme, information meetings are planned for potential beneficiaries. The meeting in Tbilisi will be held on November 15.