Audit Committee Workshop was held

On October 25, 2018, the National Bank of Georgia, SARAS and the World Bank organized Workshop titled “Audit Committees”, aiming to develop capital market and to discuss the important role of the audit committee in this process.

During the meeting, the representative of the World Bank held the presentation and informed the audience about the role, power, functions, responsibilities and accountabilities of Audit Committees. The representatives of SARAS discussed the following issues through the presentation: the role of the profession in the development of the economy, ISA requirements related to those charged with governance, the relationship between regulator and Audit Committees of companies etc.

Representatives of local organizations participated in the meeting and discussed achievements and challenges of local company audit committees. Attention was also focused on the following topics: ensuring the protection of investors by ISA requirements, the experience good practices among US-listed entities and PCAOB. 

To view the presentations, please visit the following link.