Seminar regarding corporate governance of public interest entities was held

With the support of SARAS, the Seminar initiated by the World Bank within the frames of STAREP program was held in the Ministry of Finance of Georgia on October 23. The event was focused on the corporate governance of Public Interest Entities.

Representatives of the National Bank of Georgia, the World Bank, SCOPE Ratings, International Finance Corporation and invited professors from Netherlands and Germany held the presentations.

The meeting aimed to discuss the following issues: the state of capital market reforms and the role of corporate governance for its sustainable development; benefits of good governance practices, as evidenced by developed and emerging economies; the link between good corporate governance practices, market perception and improved access to finance; the correlation and importance between corporate governance weight in credit rating and cost of capital; the corporate social responsibility act. A representative of SARAS participated in a panel discussion concerning the presentation of Management Report.

In addition, the discussion was held during the meeting, aiming to review issues such as environmental protection and social responsibility in corporate governance.