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Registration Number Surname Firstname Primary working place Authority Monitoring Conducted Restriction Full Information
SARAS-A-536095 Chkhikvadze Ketevan PricewaterhouseCoopers Georgia LLC View
SARAS-A-771281 Chkhobadze Nana PricewaterhouseCoopers Georgia LLC View
SARAS-A-315896 Chkonia Nino BTA Consulting L.T.D View
SARAS-A-221849 Chochua Nikoloz KPMG Georgia LLC View
SARAS-A-322083 Chogovadze Tengiz Individually Statutory PIE View
SARAS-A-671842 Chokoraia Jimsher Cora Audit LLC View
SARAS-A-799605 Choxeli Gia "Mari" L.T.D View
SARAS-A-563926 Chubinidze Paata PTK Audit LLC View
SARAS-A-327817 Chumburidze Lavrenti LLC consaudi View
SARAS-A-992519 Darashvili Besik Individually Non-Statutory PIE, I, II View

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