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On the basis of the amendment to the Order №N-6 of the Head of SARAS dated May 21, 2019, entities operating in the scope of activity of the relevant NACE Code (69.2) of accounting activities, from July 1, when submitting annual reports, must fill in information about their employees who provide accounting, reporting, auditing activities, and tax advisory services.

This amendment was made in accordance with the technical document developed by the expert of Council of Europe within the “EU-CoE Partnership for Good Governance II” project, and recommendations as a result of the assessment of the Committee of Experts on the Evaluation of Anti-Money Laundering Measures and the Financing of Terrorism (MONEYVAL).

See an instructional video made by SARAS.  

This amendment will facilitate the creation of a joint register of accountants in the future. In addition, it will make it possible to disseminate the FATF recommendations within the accounting field making the country even more attractive to foreign investors. These are the important prerequisites to bring legislation into line with separate requirements of the Directive (EU), and it is one of the main objectives of SARAS.